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Always check council regulations before purchasing a tank.If your house is connected to mains water there will be restrictions to prevent back flow between the two systems.


Devices such as testable dual check valves stop rainwater from siphoning into the reticulated supply.


The use of first flush systems helps keep the water in the tank in good condition. These allow the first 20 litres or so from the roof to be diverted away from the tank taking accumulated debris with it.There are several innovative systems available.



  Getting the most out of your rainwater tank (as a cost and environment investment)


The key things to remember if you are using your tank for water conservation and  stormwater management is that the larger the tank,the more rainwater can be captured for use during dry period. A minimum tank size of 5,000 litres is desirable.

Rainwater from your tank is fine for use with garden irrigation systems.However, if you plan to connect your rainwater tank to an irrigation system, you should ensure that you have a filter on your tank.

Connecting your tank to your toilet cistern or your washing machine is a good way to maximise the use of your captured rainwater because unlike garden watering, you will even be using your tank water when it is raining. To supply these appliances from your tank you will need to maintain a minimum operating water level in the tank when there is insufficient rainfall. This will require a “top-up”connection from the Water supply (just like a toilet cistern) and therefore some plumbing alterations to your home.










Electrical Installation


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Plumbing Installation


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