Troubleshooting – problems with your tank water

Rainwater Quality

Water quality is generally good if the tank is well-installed and maintained – gutters,roofs and downpipes also need maintenance. If the tank water is not clear, has a taste or an odour, steps should be taken to find the cause and fix the problem.

If it is to be used for drinking, more care will be needed to ensure its high quality than if it is to be used for laundry or garden purposes.

Rainwater Tank Maintenance

It’s important to maintain your rainwater tank and components so that they work effectively and reduce the risk of contamination. Preventing problems before they arise will save you time, money and water. Gutters and roof catchment areas should be regularly inspected and kept clean and clear of leaves and debris. Any overhanging branches should be removed.It’s a good idea to use screens or guards, and these should also be regularly cleaned.

Keeping your rainwater screened and flowing cleanly and quickly from your catchment area into your tank reduces the build up of sludge as well as the risk of mosquitoes breeding in your tank. Check your tank for sludge at least every two to three years.If sludge is covering the bottom of your tank, you’ll need to remove it by siphoning it out or completely emptying your tank (contact a professional tank cleaner if you’re unsure). Excessive sludge build up is a sign of inadequate roof and gutter maintenance.Remember, make sure you prevent mosquito access to your tank.If you find mosquitoes in your tank, find the entry point and close it.


Fault Observed Potential Cause Remedial Action
No water to flush toilets Pump not working Check power to water tank
No water to washing machine No power to water tank Call Rainmaster
Water around tank Stormwater overflow blocked
Poor drainage around tank
Soil saturated from rainfall
Check overflow pipes
Increase drainage pipes

This should be used as a guide only. Call Rainmaster on the phone number below if you have any queries.