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Rainwater Harvesting/Recycling Systems

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Concrete Water Tanks

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Poly Water Tanks

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Commercial Recycling Systems

Components supplied as Standard on each system


1 x Rainwater Tank (Poly round or Aquaplate slimline above ground tank or Concrete below ground tank).

Mains inlet connection point.

House connection point.

Automatic control for topping up of mains water to 25% capacity or Automatic control to switch to mains when tank reaches low water levels

A draw off tank to reduce pump cycles.

A site inspection with a recommended site-specific design.

Diver /100 – 48 m/head stainless steel submersible pump.

Control unit is mounted in an enclosure for easy installation.



15 year warranty on the concrete tank.

12 month warranty on all electrical components.

5 year warranty on internal tank plumbing and fittings.

External connections not supplied by Rainmaster to and from the water tank


A licensed plumber is required to install the following to the relevant Australia Standards


Connect the mains pressure line to the control unit.

Connect the house connection to the dwelling.

Connect the stormwater to the tank and overflow to the street or easement.

Supply and install adequate backflow prevention device for crossover control unit.

Install first flush devices to the selected downpipes.

Excavate for the below ground system and place 1.6m3 meters of concrete around the system to prevent the tank from floating.

A licensed electrician is required to connect the following to the relevant Australian Standards


Mains power to be connected to the external control unit.

The control unit will be housed in an enclosure that will need to be mounted on the external dwelling wall as close as possible to the tank.

Connect the power from the water tank to the Rainmaster control unit. (this requires 1 x 4 core cable for the pump & 1 x 2 core cable for the float switch) This can be laid in the same conduit.





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