Rainmaster Technologies Polyethylene Tanks offering

Harvest your rainwater for reuse and save money whilst being kind to the environment

10 Year Fix or Replace Warranty

The high-grade polyethylene’s used in these tanks are formulated for the purpose of water storage and are highly resistant to algae growth. The built in UV stabiliser is designed to handle the harsh Australian sun, flexible and durable one-piece tank units that offer many years of hassle free service. 

Above/Below Ground Capacity Diameter/length Total Height
Above Ground – Slimline fit 1000 Litres 1060mmLong  x 390mm Wide 1500mm
Above Ground – Slimline fit 2000 Litres 2300mm Long x 640mm Wide 1250mm
Above Ground – Slimline fit 3000Litres 2800mm Long x780mm Wide 2050mm
Above Ground – Slimline fit 5000 Litres 3000mm Long x 1090mm Wide 2150mm
Above Ground – Round 10000 Litres  2600mm 2000mm
Above Ground – Round 23000 Litres  3500mm 2900mm


Colours available:

See below for the fabulous equivalent to colours of the Colourbond range, please enquire to ensure your colour match is available.